Fabric Glue VS Sewing

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Making a garment from scratch can be extremely fun if a person uses the right techniques and equipment. As it will provide the user with great results and a good quality garment. There are many ways to achieve this. By simply following the traditional methods of sewing or just by gluing products together this method is growing popular day by day. Both these methods come along with their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Hence, letting the user decide what fabric glue vs sewing works best for them and meets up with all of their needs while garment construction.

A traditional hand sewing method is said to be a more reliable and trustworthy option to consider. As it provides the user with a more durable and good quality product. Whereas fabric glue is great for making unconventional garments and when the user does not have enough time to finish a product. This is a less precise and clumsy method to consider while making clothes but proves effective while using materials like leather or vinyl. It is also a great option to consider a fabric glue if the user does not have a sewing machine or does not know how to stitch a garment.

We have done intensive research work and brought a detailed comparison between Fabric Glue VS Sewing a piece of fabric. This will provide the user the appropriate techniques to be used that will provide them with effective results. This article will also provide the user with all the necessary details and information as to which product might serve them the best and cater to all of their needs. Both the techniques come along with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, providing the user a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

Difference Between Fabric Glue Vs Sewing


Stitching a garment using a sewing machine is always the better option while constructing durable and long-lasting products. As it will provide the user with a secure fit and will not deteriorate over time. It also allows the user to have much more control over the construction of a garment. Thus, providing the user with a piece of cloth that is comfortable and relaxing to wear.

Whereas a fabric glue might decay over time and provide the user with a bad quality garment. It is very easy for the glue to wash off while using harsh washing powders or rinsing it with hot water. A fabric glue should only not be used on clothes that the user is intending to wear daily. It would not be a pleasant scene to look at while the user walks in public and the garment starts to fall off piece by piece. Hence, making it an unreliable and less durable option to consider.

Embroidery and Embellishments

A hand sewing method is a much better way to secure an embroidery piece or embellishment on a piece of cloth. It is a much better way to consider while embroidering a fabric that will last the user for a very long period. Although it might not be the best option to consider while working with heavy metal studs or embellishments that do not have holes cast into them.

Thus, not letting the user’s hand sew them on a garment and provide them with desired results. Whereas fabric glue is a very versatile and adaptable product to consider. As it has been designed to attach these kinds of embellishments onto clothes and catering to all of the needs demanded by a user. Hence, delivering them with better results and an embroidered garment just the way they intended it to be.

Fabric Glue VS Sewing

DIY Projects

Using a sewing machine for a small DIY project can prove effective but will also require the user to have a lot of skill and talent. Thus, not providing the user with a pleasant and enjoyable experience. A DIY project can be extremely fun while attaching small rhinestones to garments and will completely ruin the experience if it has to be done in a much more precise and time-consuming manner. However, a person can get a lot more creative and unique with their product by using fabric glue or a hot-glue gun.

As it will provide them with a wide range of options as to how they want to lead with their unique project. Thus, providing the user with a comfortable and user-friendly experience. Which will not take much time and skill to complete. It will also not require the user to buy a costly sewing machine just to add small crystals to a piece of fabric. Hence, a better option to consider while making their clothes unique and having a fun activity DIY session with their family and friends.

Limited Time

Using Fabric glue to finish a project or garment construction is a much more time-efficient way. As it does not require much skill or precision and attaches two fabrics with ease. Thus, saving the user a lot of time and effort. And providing them a garment at a much more rapid pace. This is an effective method to consider if the user is running out of time and meeting a deadline. Thus, making it a quick method to consider which will provide the user with effective results.

However, a traditional sewing method requires a lot of precision and accuracy. This will take the user a lot more time that will surely cost them to pass their deadline. Thus, making it a much slower method to consider for garment construction or finishing their projects on time. This method requires the user to follow complicated steps that might be the best situation to be in given the circumstances. Thus, providing the user with a stressful and clumsy experience while finishing a project. Hence, making fabric glue a better option to consider while finishing their project and meeting its deadline.

Skills Required

A sewing machine demands the user to have adequate knowledge and skill about the product to use it efficiently. It takes a bit of time to master all of the sewing machine functions and use them to a user’s advantage. A traditional hand-stitching method also requires the user to practice consistently to gain adequate skill before sewing a garment. Thus, making it a much more complicated and time-consuming method to master for garment construction.

Whereas a fabric glue does not demand the user to have a lot of skill or mastery over the technique as compared to a sewing machine. It is a quick and easy process of applying or spraying glue on a piece of fabric and applying pressure to secure it in its place. Thus, proving to be a much more time-efficient and comfortable way to approach garment construction. Having a sewing machine might also cost a user a lot more money as compared to buying fabric glue.


A sewing machine provides its users with a garment that requires a lot of time and attention. It requires the user to follow some particular measurements and complicated steps to construct the final product. This provides the user with a garment that is built with precision. And provides a customer with a comfortable and relaxing experience. Whereas fabric glue can get a bit clumsy and chunky. Thus, is not a highly recommended product to use while garment construction.

As it requires the user to be precise with their measurements and make a product that will last the customer for a longer period. It is also very hard to control a fabric that has been glued together using a fabric adhesive and might provide the user with an uncomfortable experience. As the fabric has been attached poorly and might make the garment too tight or loose. Hence, making it an inadequate technique to consider as compared to a traditional sewing method. As sewing would provide the user with much more appealing results and provide a pleasant experience.

Unconventional Materials

A fabric glue might be the best product to consider while constructing a garment out of conventional materials. This is due to its property of being highly versatile and adaptable. It can easily stick two pieces of fabric together using a simple gluing procedure. Materials like latex, vinyl, and plastic can not be stitched together using a thread and needle due to their elastic properties.

Thus, requiring the user to use an adhesive to stick them into place. Providing the customer with a unique and creative garment. Whereas a sewing machine is unable to stitch these materials together as they are elastic or rigid. Thus, making it an ineffective method to consider as they can not be sewn together using a sewing machine or a traditional hand-stitching method. Hence, making a fabric glue an elite option to consider in such conditions. As it will be able to deliver users with the desired result and a pleasant experience.


We have done all the work and brought the users a detailed comparison between fabric glue and the traditional sewing method. This will provide the user with all the necessary knowledge and information about this subject. Thus, helping them make a clearer decision as to what technique to use that will cater to all of their needs and provide them with efficient results. This article will also make the user aware of all the advantages and disadvantages these techniques come along with. Hence, helping the user to tackle all of these situations with ease and providing them with a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

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