Best Handheld Sewing Machine

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The best way to make small repairs

A handheld sewing machine is certainly the best option to make small repairs in garments. Shaped like a stapler, it is meant to be easy to use and portable. You can stitch a variety of fabrics with the help of a little hand sewing machine. But it only works best for small areas. 

We have brought you the best handheld sewing machines of all time. Whether your area of work is nylon, polyester, or silk, this incredible little wonder will get the task done like Tinker Bell. 

The best handheld sewing machines

1. Singer Stitch Sew Quick Sewing Machine

best handheld sewing machine

Equipped with a compact and easy to hold design, this incredible sewing machine by Singer is definitely the queen of handheld sewing machines. The best thing about handheld sewing machines is their relative ease of storage and excellent portability. Singer Stitch Sew is certainly amongst the most portable handheld sewing machines. 

Although this sewing machine carries a big brand name and a heavy reputation, it is very light in weight. In fact, this sewing machine is ultra-lightweight. It is extremely small in size such that anybody could confuse it with a stapler. 

Although it is small, this sewing machine is very powerful and efficient. It works at an impressive speed and is very reliable in making quick repairs. This machine can work well on many different types of materials. This includes cotton, silk, wool, denim, and leather. So all your household needs are sorted. 

You can either run this machine on electricity or operate it on four AA size batteries. You will be amazed by the efficiency and ability of this seemingly little sewing machine. 


  • This sewing machine is very light in weight and quite compact in size
  • This sewing machine is remarkably efficient 
  • The efficiency of this machine is enhanced by the ultra-lightweight 
  • It can work on cotton, leather, denim, silk, and wool
  • This machine can run on electricity as well as on AA batteries
  • This sewing machine is quite affordable 


  • Many users report that the strength of the stitches is not satisfactory


Coming from a reputable brand, this is a very reliable handheld machine and is certainly regarded as the best in its category. It can work on a variety of materials and is known for its ultra-lightweight. 

2. Singer Handy Stitch Sewing Machine

This is amongst the most popular handheld sewing machines in America. Made by a reliable brand like Singer, this sewing machine is well-known for its lightweight and compact structure. Such that it can be easily carried around. 

Although this machine is not meant for heavy-duty work, it can handle minor adjustments on a day to day basis. Furthermore, this sewing machine can also be used for making embellishments. 

One must note that this sewing machine works best on fabrics that are lightweight. Using it on heavy and tough fabrics would only lead to disappointment as that is not the main purpose of this machine. 

Overall, the quality of stitches is far better than most other handheld sewing machines. Shaped like a stapler and small in size, this sewing machine is incredible in rendering good quality repairs. 

However, this machine cannot sustain any undue pressure and can only manage light repairs. This machine is also known to make a loud sound while stitching which might irritate some users. 


  • This sewing machine can be utilized for stitching repairs and in making certain embellishments 
  • It works remarkably well on fabrics that are lightweight
  • The quality and strength of the stitches is amazing
  • The repairs made by this machine are reliable


  • This machine cannot work on a variety of fabrics 
  • It stops working when any additional pressure is applied
  • This sewing machine produces a loud noise while stitching 


This sewing machine is best known for its good quality stitches on light materials. It can also be utilized for making embellishments.

3. Rex Smartek Mini Sewing Machine

This may not be a very well-known brand, but this excellent quality sewing machine is certainly making headlines in this arena. This handheld sewing machine is best known for its unbelievably lightweight. It feels like a pen in your hand.

Also, this sewing machine works best on lightweight fabrics that don’t require much exertion of pressure. As long as you are utilizing it on the correct materials, this sewing machine will be your best companion for timely repairs. 

The overall functioning of the machine is astonishingly smooth when used on the correct materials. However, it may struggle to move forward on challenging fabrics. 

This handheld sewing machine is available in various attractive colors that are bound to influence beginners. Moreover, this sewing machine is supremely affordable and efficient. 


  • This sewing machine is very compact in size and feels as light as another small piece of stationary 
  • It is available in very attractive color options 
  • The lightweight also adds to the smoothness of operation on lighter fabrics


  • Users report that it is relatively difficult to thread the needle while using this machine 
  • The quality of the motor is not dependable 
  • This sewing machine encounters jams more frequently than other contenders 


This sewing machine comes from a relatively unknown brand but has gained immense popularity owing to its attractive design and superb lightweight dress. It is very convenient to work with this machine on lightweight fabrics.

4. Michley LSS-202 Lil Sew & Sew Sewing Machine

This is probably the most economical and reliable option on this list. Shaped like a regular sewing machine, this one is smaller in size and quite lightweight but can handle relatively more challenging aspects of sewing. 

The compact size and the lightweight make it very portable so that you can carry it under your arm. At the same time, it allows more variety of stitches and lets you practice all the basic stitching techniques without much hassle. 

This sewing machine has two built-in stitches on basic level. It can be used effectively to make repairs on suitable materials. It works best on electricity. But it can also be powered by AA batteries. However, it works more efficiently when powered by electricity. 

You can fulfill all your basic sewing requirements with the help of this simple machine. Also, there are some accompanying accessories that would brighten you up. There is a forty-two piece sewing kit that’ll definitely benefit you one or the other time. In addition, there is a pair of electric scissors and a threading bag. 

This sewing machine is a great choice for beginners and little children who want to learn. 


  • This is a very affordable sewing machine, probably the most economical and good quality option you can get 
  • The operation of this sewing machine is incredibly smooth when employed on the right materials 
  • All basic sewing processes can be accomplished with this machine 
  • It can be powered by electricity as well as by AA batteries 
  • The working of this machine is very efficient 
  • The quality of stitches is great 
  • It is shaped like a regular sewing machine but is compact in size
  • You get some accessories with this sewing machine
  • The lightweight makes it portable 


  • This sewing machine makes a loud noise while stitching which might not agree with some users 
  • This machine doesn’t have a good quality or reliable motor 
  • There are no additional features and only the basic stitching processes can be accomplished 


This sewing machine is shaped like a regular sewing machine but it is very compact and portable. It can be used to accomplish all basic sewing processes with ease. 

5. Singer 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2 Sewing Machine

This is certainly the quickest sewing machine on our list. One needs a quick sewing machine for urgent repairs and this one just does that. Moreover, unlike most other handheld sewing machines, this one employs two threads for repairs so that the quality of stitches is relatively better. 

This machine certainly has more astonishing and remarkable features as compared to any other sewing machine that is just as compact and portable. Apart from the small size and the lightweight, it has many other quirks that’ll blow your mind. 

This machine has a speed control feature so that you can work remarkably well on just any type of fabric. You need different speeds to work in accordance with different types of fabrics and this machine is perfect for that matter. 

Moreover, it has an automatic winding feature so that the functioning is more efficient and your time is valued. Furthermore, this handheld sewing machine is cordless and is relatively simple to use. You’ll also be amazed by the numerous accessories supplied along with this product.


  • This handheld sewing machine has an automatic winding feature 
  • It utilizes two thread to make stitches so that the quality of repair is excellent 
  • The construction is solid as well as compact
  • This machine is excellent in quality and very durable 
  • Fabrics like silk, cotton, and even leather can be repaired
  • The addition of new thread to the spool is easier as compared to other such machines 
  • This one has a speed control feature 
  • This sewing machine is cordless
  • There are accompanying accessories 
  • Users also get an instruction manual 


  • Users report that this sewing machine encounters jams very frequently


This is the fastest handheld sewing machine. Coming from a trusted brand, this machine is known for making good quality stitches and serving many additional functions that are unheard of in other such machines. 

6. Amado Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

This efficient sewing machine is often considered as the best repair option for a variety of fabrics. The working of this machine is free of hassle and the portability is promising. The size is compact as well as solid. 

The efficiency of this sewing machine is evident in the fact that it consumes very less power in comparison to other similar machines. You can easily run this sewing machine on a 6 V adapter or on some AA batteries. 

A very good quality needle is supplied along with the machine. Also, the usage of this machine is very convenient and best for beginners. It is also quite fast in operation. This machine is ideal for stitching in straight lines. 


  • This sewing machine is very efficient as it utilizes much less power in comparison to other such machines
  • The working of this machine is relatively faster 
  • The quality of stitches is excellent
  • This machine also has a very high quality needle 


  • Users report that the quality of stitches is not satisfactory 
  • This machine also makes a loud noise while working 


This handheld sewing machine is best known for its excellent efficiency. Its operation is quite smooth and reliable.

Know how to select the perfect handheld sewing machine 

Ease of use 

A handheld sewing machine is very easy to use as compared to regular sewing machines. The structure is very compact so that it can be operated by just one hand. The perfect design would be ergonomic so that your hand is not stressed during usage. 


The perfect handheld sewing machine would be very lightweight. The ability to be used by hand is the sole purpose of this machine. It should certainly be convenient to use and not demand excessive effort from you. 

Fabric compatibility 

Make sure that your selected sewing machine is equipped with a good quality needle so that many varieties of fabrics can be easily repaired. Even the power supply and the overall efficiency of your machine will influence its performance. It is recommended that you go for machines that can stitch more types of materials.


Your handheld sewing machine should be accurate and precise in operation. It should be able to make the stitch right where you intend to. Precise machines will complete tasks faster. Precision is guaranteed by the brand reputation and quality of the sewing machine. 

Mode of operation

See whether your sewing machine is operated by electricity or through AA batteries. Also check the efficiency of your machine. Most handheld sewing machines are compact and run easily on AA batteries. 


These stapler-like sewing machines are very convenient in making small repairs in lightweight fabrics. It is important for such a machine to be reliable so that the quality of stitches can be trusted. Select your emergency aid from amongst our prized collection of the best handheld sewing machines. There’s no easier way to make amends!

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