How To Keep Burlap From Shedding

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Burlap is a material that is used to make a lot of things such as carry bags, which can be made into cushions, rugs, etc. This is a fabric that is made from the skin of the plant of jute. It is a very rustic-looking fabric that is earthy in color and can be used in numerous ways. But, the only problem with this burlap is that it keeps shedding a lot! You need to take care of the same to avoid the crazy shedding of the burlap when you are using it. Two types of burlaps come in two different colors, one is white and the other is tan in color.

How to keep burlap from shedding can be a huge problem if you are planning to make something out of it. If you are planning to make a tote bag, a burlap cushion, or anything else, you need to make sure that you know the process of controlling and stopping the shedding of the burlap completely, or else the product will get ruined completely. There are a few ways that can be used to keep the burlap from shedding and we are going to discuss all of them in detail further in this article.

A step-by-step guide to keeping the burlap from shedding

Before using burlap for making anything, you need to ensure that the burlap you are using is not shedding a lot. The shedding of it can ruin the product that you are making out of it. Thus, to properly prepare the burlap to make any product using it, you need to follow the given steps-

Step 1: Wash it mildly

The first step that you need to take after buying the burlap fabric that is shedding like anything is to dump it in the washing machine but wash it mildly. While buying it, you also need to make sure that you are taking and keeping it in a plastic bag as it is going to shed a lot in the starting. After this, you can wash it in the washing machine with a little bit of detergent added to the water. This will remove the unpleasant smell of the burlap and all the loose fibers of the burlap that are shedding will also get removed with this process of washing.

Step 2: Let it dry

After the thorough process of washing the burlap, you need to hang it in the air using a hanger and clips and let it dry. After it is dried for a good amount of time, you will see that the burlap gets straightened easily. When you buy a burlap, it is very crooked but as you wash it in the washing machine and then hang it to dry in the air, it will get properly straight. All the fibers that are removed at the time of washing stick to the burlap only and these need to be removed once the burlap is dried completely.

Step 3: Run a vacuum over it

To get rid of all the fuzz after the burlap has dried, you can use a very simple trick. Just run a vacuum or a lint roller on the entire fabric and all the fuzz of the fibers will get collected in the same. This is one of the easiest ways to take out all the fuzz from the burlap. Using a lint roller is also a good option as it gets rid of all the fuzz on the fabric easily and there is very minimal shedding after that.

Step 4: Cut the edges

After completing the other methods, you can cut the edges off to ensure that there are no free fibers that can wither off easily. To cut the edges of the burlap fabric you need to make sure that you have good scissors that will not stop working in between the process. You need to hold the burlap fabric tightly from two ends with a helping hand and cut off the edges of the fabric with the scissors running straight. This will prevent the further shedding of the burlap from its edges.

Step 5: Spray some hairspray

To make sure that you can pack the fibers of the burlap and keep them from shedding, you can spray the hairspray on the same as well. Hairspray can keep the fibers intact for a while and keep them from shedding off a lot. Another alternative to this is to spray a mixture of water and glue. This will also help in keeping the fibers of the burlap in place and prevent the shedding of the same.

Other alternative ways to protect the burlap from shedding and fraying

Use a masking tape

Try using masking tape at the back of the burlap to keep all the fibers intact and prevent them from fraying or shedding.

Use a fabric stiffener

Use some amount of a fabric stiffener or a mod podge. This can also help in keeping the fibers of the fabric in place by stiffening them.

Use a binding tape

Try using a binding tape on the burlap and either glue it well or just stitch it properly on the entire portion of the burlap to prevent it from shedding.

Stitch it

Another method to keep the fabric intact is by stitching a few zig-zag stitches on the burlap in a manner that it holds the fibers as much as it can. This is not a very effective solution in holding the fibers together but can work for some time.

Use silicone glue

To prevent the fraying of the fabric from its edges, you can apply silicone glue at its edges to keep it from fraying as well as shedding. Using silicone glue for sealing the edges of the burlap will not only keep the edges intact but will also prevent them from shedding in a way.

How to keep the burlap from ruining other fabrics?

When you buy burlap, it will be a fresh fabric that will shed like anything. This is why it is recommended that you keep the burlap away from all the other fabrics around you to make sure that it is not ruining the other fabrics by shedding its fibers all over the others. Once you get the burlap, make sure to seal it well and keep it in a plastic bag to prevent its shedding and ruining other places and fabrics it comes in a contact with.

how to keep burlap from shedding

How to clean the burlap shed?

When you are working with a piece of burlap fabric, it will shed a lot on the surface where it is kept. It is important to make sure that you are not keeping it on any of the fabrics or things like a carpet or a mat or else the fibers of the burlap will ruin them completely. Keep the burlap on the floor and the sheds of the same can be wiped off using a cotton cloth once you are done using the burlap.

You can use the burlap for making several things such as tote bags, etc. The shedding of the burlap fabric on the floor can also be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, so you do not have to worry about that at all. The easiest way to clean the burlap shed is by wiping it off using a cotton cloth.

Can you completely stop burlap from shedding?

No. The burlap is a fiber made by the skin of the jute plant and it has the characteristic of shedding a lot. If you want to use it for making something or the other, you need to clean it well and remove all the fibers from it that are shedding. No matter how many ways to try, you can never completely stop the shedding of the burlap fabric. The shedding can be minimized using several ways of gluing, sealing, and sewing the burlap but the shedding cannot be stopped completely. This is because of the natural property of the fiber.

You can use a lot of ways to keep the burlap from shedding but no way will help you in completely stopping the shedding of the burlap.


The burlap fabric is such that it can be used for making a lot of things and it looks amazing as well. But, the only issue with this fabric is that it sheds a lot. No matter how many ways to try, you cannot stop the shedding of the fibers of this fabric completely. We have discussed a few steps and ways to keep the burlap from shedding.

If you are planning to or are working with a piece of burlap fabric, you can use any of these tricks and minimize the shedding of your burlap to a great level. There are also many temporary ways like spraying hairspray and stuff that can be used if you want to stop the shedding instantly. Other ways involve steps that are mentioned in the article earlier. 

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