How To Cut A Shirt For Shoulder Surgery

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Shoulder injuries mostly require surgeries to get cured and to prepare yourself for the same, you also need to prepare your garment. There are multiple ways to dress up before and after your shoulder surgery. The only thing that holds the utmost importance is that you need to be comfortable wearing it and there should be no difficulty caused to your injured shoulder when you are wearing any garment.

This is eased how to cut a shirt for shoulder surgery. Cutting loose shirts is one of the best options as they are easy to wear and are also comfortable along with your shoulder sling. One can also buy the rotator cuff shirts if the cutting seems difficult. These shirts too are super easy to wear.

In this article, we will be discussing the tips of how to cut a shirt for shoulder surgery and will also elaborate on the process of cutting a shirt perfect for shoulder surgery. All of these things will be thrown light upon and will be of great help to you.

Tips on how to dress up after shoulder surgery

After suffering from a shoulder injury, it is important for you to dress up in a manner that will not disturb your arm and shoulder at all. You need to buy clothes that will fit you easily and where you do not have to put in much effort for wearing them. Here are a few tips that will help you to dress up easily after shoulder surgery

Find stretchy material shirts

When you are buying shirts to wear after shoulder surgery, make sure that they are of very stretchy material. Shirts made with material that will not stretch at all can make you very uncomfortable while wearing them. Stretchy materials will fit you easily and you will be able to wear them with ease as well. You can stretch the shirt as much as needed and go about wearing it without hurting your shoulder.

Go for loose-fitting shirts

Ditch your tight and slim-fit shirts for a while and grab the ones that are loose or baggy. It will be easy for you to wear them as they will provide you an extra room to fit your arm easily after shoulder surgery. Loose shirts will also be easy to wear with a shoulder sling on if you have one.

Opt for V-neck shirts

As compared to the round-neck shirts, V-neck ones are more comfortable to wear after shoulder surgery. This is because even if you have a sling on, the V-neck shirt will be very easy to wear and be in comfortably.

Wear front-open shirts

Front open shirts are very easy to carry after shoulder surgery as you can easily wear them. You should put in the normal arm first and then with the help of that hand, you can easily put your second hand in and then ask anyone to button it up for you. These shirts are way easier than normal t-shirts to be worn by anyone who has recently got shoulder surgery done.

Cut and use Velcro

Cutting your garment for shoulder surgery is not that easy. You need to follow some instructions to be able to cut your garment in the best fashion.

You can watch some related videos or can follow the given instructions by professionals and cut accordingly. After cutting your shirt you can use Velcro on either side to cover the gap and you will be good to go!

These are a few tips that you can follow if you are suffering from an injured shoulder and have got shoulder surgery recently. These tips will be fruitful for you and will provide you with an easy to deal with situation.

Step-by-step guide for cutting your shirt for shoulder surgery

Step 1: Select a loose shirt

The first step is to choose a loose shirt that can be cut easily and can be worn by you after your shoulder surgery without any effort. Loose shirts are the best suited because they provide a lot of space for you in order to cut them properly. You will also be able to wear a loose shirt easily as compared to the one that has a slim fit or a tight fit.

Step 2: Make a cut

After deciding which shirt you want to cut, get your scissors and be ready to start the process. Make a cut right from the neckline and go down to the top of the shoulder of your shirt. Make sure you are not cutting any extra fabric or else you will ruin the shirt and it will be of no use.

Step 3: Hem the sides

After cutting the shirt properly, you will notice that there are threads fraying here and there. These threads need to be taken care of by properly cutting them off from the fabric. Then, you need to hem both sides of the shirt to get a clean portion to work upon.

Step 4: Use Velcro

After getting both the sides of the shirt hemmed properly, you need to sew on the Velcro. There is a small trick you need to know- sew on the rough side away from the skin to avoid any sort of irritation and sew on the smooth side on the opposite side where it can come in contact with the skin and will cause no harm. This way you will also be able to attach both sides easily as you will be putting the injured arm first this way.

Step 5: Remove the stitches to remove

When you wish to remove the shirt, you can simply use sewing scissors and remove the stitches to get out of the shirt. Make sure to go slow while removing the stitches or else you will be ruining the shirt completely and will not be able to wear it again.

This is the step-by-step guide that can be followed by you when you need to cut a shirt after shoulder surgery to get an easy to dress up without hurting your arm.

Alternative for cutting your shirts

how to cut a shirt for shoulder surgery

If you are not able to succeed in the process of cutting your shirt properly to dress up after shoulder surgery, the best alternative is to buy a rotator cuff surgery shirt that is available on amazon.

These shirts are manufactured in a manner that can provide ease to people who have gone through shoulder surgery or have an injured arm. There are buttons to help you with the process of wearing the shirt along with a shoulder sling as well.

You can easily get your hands on these types of shirts and make the process of dressing up after a shoulder surgery easy and painless.

What to wear for shoulder surgery?

Before going for shoulder surgery, you need to make sure that you are wearing the right type of clothes that will not trouble you. It is advised to wear loose shirts that can be easily worn and remove and go for the ones that have a large sleeve space to fit your hands in.

Women can wear tank tops as they come with large sleeve holes and are very easy to wear and remove. Men can also go for loose slips to make sure that they have ample sleeve space to put their hands in. It is recommended to wear loose-fitted clothes from top to bottom as wearing tight clothes can be very painful and difficult as well.

Button-down shirts are also easy to be worn and removed for shoulder surgeries so one can also go for them. Loose button-down shirts will be very easy to wear as well as remove easily. The buttons can be opened up and the removal of the injured arm will not be a hassle at all.


Undergoing shoulder surgery is not at all an easy thing. It can cause a lot of pain as well as will lead to a lot of inconveniences related to wearing clothes. One needs to wear very loose clothes that are cut from the needed side to be able to dress up after and for shoulder surgery.

There are many ways to cut down a shirt to be able to wear it properly with the ease of removing it. The process of cutting the shirt can be followed and a loose shirt can be converted to the one that is easy to wear.

There are also certain alternatives to cutting down a shirt. These can be used if you are not able to cut off the shirt properly so that it can be converted into a comfortable piece of clothing for shoulder surgery. One can either cut a shirt properly or can opt for these shirts depending upon their choice.

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