Best Sewing Machine For Knits

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For the cosier and comfort stitches

It looks soft and cozy, a wardrobe essential, knitted fabrics are in itself a strong contender to its warmth and coziness when we consider the work that goes behind. This is the popular opinion around knitted garments. Knits with their ability to stretch, are sewed using sergers or overlocker machines, with a blade inside that cuts the excess seam as you sew.

With the nature of the fabric, the types of stitches used will vary. The variance is seen in the usage of needles as well, due to the presence of fiber in the knit fabrics.

The type of best sewing machine for knits is solely dependent on the level of expertise and the level of work one would like to carry out.  

This article will help you navigate through the five best sewing machines for knits that will prove that a stitch in time saves nine! The sewing machines reviewed in this article are as follows.

ModelBuilt in stitchesBobbin TypeType of ThreadingFree Arm
Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine 27Top-drop, automaticAutomaticYes
Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine 50Drop-in top bobbin, automaticAutomaticYes
Juki MO654DE Thread Serger Sewing Machine60NAManualNo
Brother 1034D Serger22NALay-in threadingYes
Singer Professional 514T968DC Serger14NAColour coded threadingNo

1. Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

best sewing machine for knits

This sewing machine from Brother features a wide range of perks from the beginner to the advanced level. It comes with 27 stitch options which may look like it is not a lot to choose from, but it has all the essential stitches including zig-zag stitch that helps one to work with knitted material apart from the blind hem, decorative, and quilting stitches. 800 stitches per minute make it a fast performer.

This self-threading machine comes with a dimension of 12.1×5.9×15.3 inches and weighs 12.6 pounds. 

The major features of Brother XM2701 include 6 quick-change sewing feet. The buttonhole, zipper, zigzag, narrow hemmer, blind stitch, and the button sewing feet helm the control all-in-one lever. 

It also has a built-in free arm that eases while working on long sleeves and pants.

Unlike the usual machines, which tend to get jammed at the bobbin, Brother XM2701 comes with a top-drop, jam-resistant, and automatic bobbin winding system. The thread tension can be controlled using dials on the machine, making it a hassle-free experience.


  •   User-friendly
  •    Apt for beginners
  •    27 stitch options
  •    800 stitches per minute
  •    Lightweight
  •    Easy control of thread tension
  •    Self-threading
  •    Automatic bobbin winding system
  •    Works even on thick fabrics like denim
  •    Affordable price point


  •        Poor LED light display
  •        Thick fabrics can sometimes be tricky
  •        The bobbins can sometimes be tricky resulting in uneven stitches.
  •        Not digital or computerized
  •        Not recommended for heavy-duty works
  •        Inconsistent needle threader
  •        Doesn’t come with a cover


Brother XM2701 is a user-friendly sewing machine that can be used for knitting garments. This is an affordable machine that provides the user with numerous features and stitches exclusive to knits that makes it the best suited for beginners.

2. Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine


This machine again from Brother is designed for different fabrics of various thicknesses and knits. With 50 built-in stitches including regular and ornamental ones and 5 auto-size buttonholes, it is the cheapest out of the three in the Project Runaway Series by the company. Weighing around 10.14 pounds it is a lightweight and portable machine with a dimension of 19.48 x 10.75 x 15.96 inches.

It comes with an automatic needle threader making the eye-wracking part of the process convenient, along with a drop-in top bobbin that is jam-resistant. The vertical nature of the spool pin provides stability to the spool of thread and holds it in place. It also allows consistent feeding of the metallic and other specialty threads. The selection of the stitches can be done on a button that can be viewed on an LCD screen.

The perfect twin needle stitch for the knit fabric can be achieved with the help of the twin needles which come as an additional accessory along with a 7 sewing-feet and a 3-piece needle set. Moreover, the built-in stretch stitches ease the sewing of elastics and other flexible materials. The free arm allows smooth work on sleeves and pants.


  •        Lightweight
  •        Portable
  •        50 built-in stitches
  •        Computerized functions
  •        Jam resistant, drop-in top bobbin
  •        Easy stitch selection
  •        LCD display
  •        Removable accessory tray for free-arm sewing
  •        Built-in stretch stitches
  •        Twin needle
  •        Works well on thick fabrics
  •        Easy to set up
  •        Less noise
  •        Easy to work on sleeves and pants


  •        Not suitable for advanced stitching
  •        The LCD display is dim
  •        More plastic parts
  •        The storage compartment is small


Brother CS5055PRW sewing machine is best suited for beginner-intermediate level knitting works. The 50 built-in stitches can be extended to 87 or more by adjusting the length and width. The portability is a salient feature, but the overfull plastic parts are a hindrance to the sleek look. The number of stitches per minute is 850, which is marginally less when compared to Brother XM2701 from the parent company.

3. Juki MO654DE Thread Serger Sewing Machine

This is the most recommended serger to work with knit fabrics. Weighing 15.18 pounds, it is slightly on the heavier side when compared to the previously listed models. 10.6 x 13.6 x 11.6 inches in dimension, the Juki MO654DE thread serger sewing machine is powerful and compact with flexible functionalities.

This model is considered the fastest with the capacity of 1500 stitches per minute.

It has a 2/3/4 threader serger with an automatic rolled hem. The 2 available configurations for the automatic rolled hem help the body to roll over and increases the lifespan by enabling an overlocking point. It also gives a clean edge to the clothes stitched. The 2/3 thread transformer helps in making utility stitches. It has a color-coded threading breakaway looper that makes threading simpler and an external adjustment for stitch length.

The displacement of seams of thin or elastic fabrics is avoided with the help of differential feed automatically changing the strength of the stitched material. It also features stitch length changing dials. These adjustments help to attain maximum sewing control.

The multi-purpose foot allows easy switching to specialty stitches. The built-in tape guide ensures that stretchy fabrics maintain their shape as the tape provides support to keep edges together.


  •        Portable
  •        Fast performance
  •        Easy to clean and maintain
  •        Variant thread capability       
  •        Automatic rolled hem
  •        Multi-purpose foot
  •        Color-coded threading breakaway looper
  •        Differential feed
  •        Dials for the stitch length
  •        Movable upper knife
  •        Easy to work on stretchy fabrics
  •        Even on light and heavy fabrics
  •        Keeps the seams intact on stretchy fabrics


  •        Threading is a complex process in this machine
  •        Not computerized
  •        The accompanying accessories are basic
  •        Difficult to set up


Small, yet powerful, this is the fastest sewing machine available for knits with functionalities that help practice innovations at home. The versatility is best suited for intermediate to advanced level users. Thus, it provides an easy-to-work platform with functionalities that save time. 

4. Brother 1034D Serger

This sewing machine is suited for beginners to advanced level sewists. Featuring 22 built-in stitches, the dimensions of the machine are 10.98 x 11.73 x13.9 inches and weigh around 16.4 pounds mostly due to the metal frame that makes it durable. This machine too is a swift performer with the capacity of 1300 stitches per minute.

Thick fabrics can be easily stitched using its 3 or 4 thread serger. Threading is relatively simpler due to the lay-in threading feature and the lower looper threading system. Works well on stretched knitted or thin fabrics due to the differential feed. The thread tension can be adjusted individually with the help of the two-point thread tension device. It works well on a variety of fabrics ranging from linen to upholstery and stretchy materials.

It has a built-in storage for the accessory tools.  


  •     Swift performance
  •     LED screen
  •     Lay-in threading
  •     Good thread tension control
  •     Easy threading
  •     Differential feed
  •     Removable free arm
  •     Availability of storage space
  •     Works well on upholstery


  •     Coverstiches cannot be done
  •     Lacks two-thread stitch options


Brother 1034 D Serger is a sturdy and dependable choice for a sewing machine for knits. Its swift performance makes it a good choice for knits along with its flexibility with threads and the fabrics used. This sewing machine will definitely ensure hassle-free performance.

 5. Singer Professional 514T968DC Serger

Singer professional 514T968DC sewing machine is the one that is best suited for advanced users. Weighing 23.55 pounds, it has a dimension of 11 x 12.5 x 14 inches. The metal interior frame and the stainless-steel bed plate make them durable.

With a 2/3/4/5 thread capability, it provides wide-ranging options that aid in working on professional projects. It works swiftly with 1300 stitches per minute and has the process of the seam, seam finish, and trims all rolled into one single step along with 14 built-in stitches that rightly complement the knitting projects. 

The stitch length control, self-adjusting tension system, and color-coded system are the salient features of Singer professional 514T968DC serger. It possesses 4 built-in rolled hems which give different kinds of seams, hemlines with a neat finish. It works even on all kinds of fabrics, with ease on thicker fabrics due to the presence of an extra high presser foot lifter.  


  •        2/3/4/5 threading capacity
  •        Swift functioning
  •        Apt for advanced or professional sewists
  •        The automatic self-adjusting tension system
  •        Colour coded threading
  •        Numerous accompanying accessories
  •        Adjustable stitch length control
  •        Extra high presser foot lifter
  •        Works well on thick fabrics
  •        Durable
  •        Diverse stitching options
  •        Overlock and cover stitching is possible
  •        Automatically adjustable tension


  •     Heavy
  •     No free arm
  •     Expensive


With a multitude of features, Singer Professional 514T968DC is best suited for professionals. The swift performance and the thread capability are the highlighted features of this model. This model can be considered worth the money due to the multitude of functional features that works well for different kinds of fabrics for knits. 


We have provided you with a list of the five best sewing machines for knits. The most durable to portable and feature-rich, sewing machines exclusive for knit fabrics. The additional features like the specificity of a few stitches, threads, and the speed are highlighted in the models listed, which will guide you in making the right choice.


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