Best Sewing Machine For Denim

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Find the perfect sewing machine for the most worn fabric

Denim is the utmost popular fabric worn worldwide. It is regarded as special and boundlessly casual because of its suitability for all weather conditions and comfort. Denim will probably never go out of style. That’s why a sewing machine that stitches denim is an investment for generations. 

We have brought you the best sewing machine for denim. Our selected machines are not just sturdy enough to handle denim, they are also equipped with various features to help you express your creativity at its best. 

The best sewing machines for denim 

1. Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

best sewing machine for denim

This reliable sewing machine comes from a very well-recognized brand. Singer 4423 sewing machine is much regarded for its unmatchable efficiency and quality of work. Heavy fabrics like denim and leather can be handled very easily by this blockbuster of a sewing machine. In fact, it can stitch several layers of these challenging materials with ease. 

So if you are willing to work endlessly in creating outstanding denim outerwear, this machine must be your irrefutable accomplice. With the maximum stitching speed of eleven hundred stitches per minute, this sewing machine is the perfect fire to spread the creativity of a good artist. 

Moreover, you can easily adjust the speed of stitching according to your requirement at the moment. Not all projects and materials require quick stitching action. So whether you intend to go slow or rush into the hem, this machine has your back. 

There are several built-in stitches you can rely on. These built-in stitches come very usefully in creating astounding patterns and designs. You don’t have to spend ample time in the formation of each unique stitch. You can instead focus on the larger beautiful picture that’ll appear on your special denim creation. 

Furthermore, the automatic feed dog mechanism makes it very easy to feed the denim into the sewing machine. Most machines struggle with keeping hefty fabrics in place during the process. The automatic feed dog method ensures that your denim will be stitched in its entirety without any missed spots. 

You can even adjust the length of the stitches according to your preference. This factor enables you to maintain a standard length of stitches throughout the piece. Best of all, this incredible sewing machine is quite economical. 


  • This amazing sewing machine is very useful in handling hefty fabrics with ease
  • It can work at very fast switching speeds
  • The stitching speed can be aptly regulated
  • Multiple layers of denim can be stitched together
  • There are numerous in-built stitch designs 
  • You can absolutely rely on the automatic feed dog mechanism
  • The length of the stitches can be altered 
  • This sewing machine is relatively inexpensive


  • Users report that the speed control feature is not appropriate 
  • This machine may not be as sturdy as it is required 


This is a very affordable and amazing option. Considering the ability of this machine to stitch multiple layers of denim at the same time. 

2. Singer P-1250 Sewing Machine

This is amongst the most popular sewing machines for denim. It is also amongst the most expensive options out there. Although, the sturdy and reliable construction of this sewing machine is meant to last for many generations. The sturdy metal frame of this machine is quite dependable. And because this machine is built to serve the evergreen denim, it will always be useful. 

Know that this sewing machine is stronger than most other solid sewing machines that are built to reign. It has more metal in its structure than most other machines. Best of all, this machine is equipped with a very powerful motor that enables its smooth and relentless operation. You must learn that you can absolutely depend on the abilities of this machine to let you work your best on denim. 

The strength and solid structure of this machine enable it to work in a very stable manner even at high speeds. Unlike usual sewing machines, it does not succumb to irritating vibrations when the stitching speed is high. This machine has very less chances of missing any stitches owing to the stability and amazing features. 

The stability of this machine is rendered relentless by the suction cups at the base. These cups keep the machine balanced as you work tirelessly on the top. Such that, you’ll never get disturbed by vibrations. Even at the speed of 1250 stitches per minute! 

This machine is equipped with seven presser feet for you to make the best of your abilities. Even the needles employed in this machine are very strong and tough. Just right for dealing with the hefty materials. 


  • This machine is very strong in structure
  • The stability offered during work is incomparable 
  • This machine is free of disturbing vibrations
  • It can work at very high switching speeds
  • This machine never misses any stitches 
  • There are numerous in-built stitches to help your creativity


  • This sewing machine is expensive


This sewing machine may be a little expensive, but it is definitely worth the investment. Mainly because denim would never go out of style and this machine would always remain. 

3. Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine

This is the most powerful manual sewing machine you can get for denim. It is made to handle tough fabrics like denim effortlessly. This is quite evident in the tough construction and durable structure of this machine. Moreover, the powerful motor is well-equipped to always be reliable.

While covering every basic aspect of sewing on denim with ease, this machine also offers several other features for the benefit of your creativity. There are about fourteen built-in stitches that you can utilize in your unique patterns. 

There is a foot arm that allows projects of all sizes to be made with convenience. Moreover, this sewing machine also has an adjustable high presser foot. Best of all, there is an automatic needle threader to save your time and effort. 


  • This sewing machine is very tough in structure and quite durable 
  • This machine has an automatic needle threader
  • There is an adjustable foot presser
  • This machine gives you fourteen built-in stitches 


  • You cannot adjust the width and length of the stitches with ease 
  • This machine can sometimes skip stitches while working on a denim


Equipped with a very powerful motor and truly tough in structure, this machine is meant to last and can properly handle tough fabrics like denim. 

4. Brother XR9500PRW Sewing Machine

This sewing machine may be more expensive than others but it is definitely worth the price. It is equipped with several amazing features that make working with denim considerably easy. One of the best features is the provision of large working space. Such extra space allows you to accomplish larger projects with ease.

Brother XR9500PRW has about a hundred built-in stitches that are meant to help boost your creativity. You can form several new designs with the help of the given stitches and make your expression outstanding.

You can also choose from the seven given lengths of stitches that lead up to 7 mm. All these features prove to be very useful in the creation of never-before-seen designs and patterns. Such features include the six presser feet. These feet include the blind stitch, zipper, buttonhole, and zig-zag types. 

The presser foot is adjustable so that you can fix your denim fabric as tightly as possible for your comfort and ease. Also, there is an automatic feed dog mechanism that makes sure you never sip a stitch while sewing denim. You can also choose to get rid of the feed dog if you prefer to go slower. 

This machine also allows manual operation if you are keen on little details that require more accuracy and slower speed. 


  • This machine provides a large working space 
  • It gives you a hundred built-in stitches 
  • You can also adjust the length of the stitches 
  • There is an automatic dog feed mechanism 
  • You get six different presser feet


  • There are no negative reviews 


This is amongst the most widely recommended sewing machines for denim. This is owed to its incredible features and relentless strength and abilities.

5. Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine

This is probably the best-computerized sewing machine for denim. It is also known to be the most durable contender. This machine is made out of metal and boasts superior strength. Moreover, it has a very powerful motor that provides tremendous ease in sewing tough fabrics like denim. 

The traditional motor is undefeatable in working with hefty denim fabrics. It can easily stitch many layers of the fabric at once. The performance of this machine is simply outstanding. You get about thirty built-in stitches. You can also form buttonholes in just one step.

The automatic needle threader further adds value to your time. The effective feed mechanism of this machine makes it possible to add continuous lengths of denim into the machine during the process. This ensures that no portion goes unstitched. Even at high switching speeds, the machine is more or less stable and no stitch is missed. 

Although, you can control the speed of operation according to your requirement. There is a speed control slider that you can utilize when you need to work more deeply on the details. Best of all, you will encounter no disturbing vibrations while working on this incredible sewing machine.


  • This sewing machine has an excellent feed mechanism
  • It does not encounter any hassle even at high stitching speeds
  • The emission of sound is low
  • There is no vibration during the process
  • This machine has a very powerful motor 


  • This sewing machine is prone to jamming during the stitching process


This solid sewing machine is very durable. It is equipped with several incredible features that make the stitching of denim easy and fulfilling. 

6. Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine

This can be easily considered the smoothest sewing machine for denim. It is very efficient and powerful. Such that it can handle hefty garments with incomparable ease. Equipped with six hundred built-in stitches, it will allow you unending creativity on innumerable pieces of denim. 

However, this sewing machine is recommended only for professionals because of its high-end features. 


  • This machine is incredibly powerful and lets you attain excellent ease in working with denim
  • It offers you about six hundred built-in stitches that you can explore and utilize in your craft
  • This machine is very durable 
  • It is better recommended for professionals 


  • Some users report that this machine is unable to stitch in a straight line 


Although this machine is not meant for beginners, it is the best thing a creative professional can use for making expressive and memorable pieces out of denim. 

Know how to select the perfect sewing machine for denim 

Powerful motor

A good sewing machine for denim will be equipped with a very powerful motor. Only a tough motor can glide through hefty fabrics like denim with ease. Powerful motors are the hearts of heavy-duty machines.

Strong needles

It is very important for a sewing machine for denim to have a stainless steel needle. A stainless steel needle is sufficiently strong to sustain the impact with hefty fabrics repeatedly. Any other needle would break too often during the process.

High presser foot

A high presser foot would let you work with many layers of tough fabric. An additional high presser foot would ease your work with denim. It is recommended that you examine the additional high presser feet supplied along with your machine. 

Leveling button

A leveling button would adjust the position of the presser foot according to the layers of denim that need to be stitched at a time. This would also prevent your needle from breaking too often. All machines meant to work with hefty fabrics ought to have this feature.


We have brought you the best sewing machines for denim. Our selected machines are meant to handle many layers of denim with ease. Best of all, these machines are quite sturdy and will last for many generations. Just like denim will. 

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